The Cartoon Picayune

The Cartoon Picayune as MFA Thesis

At this point, The Cartoon Picayune is still largely a project of one. I'm excited to be bringing in other contributors for Cartoon Picayune #2, but this thing is mostly still by me, Josh Kramer.

I live in Vermont because I'm a student at the Center for Cartoon Studies, and today I turned in my thesis project, which I have been working hard on all year. A good portion of my thesis was the comics I do for this site and zine. As part of the physical package I turned in, I created an addendum of information about the journalism part. Yes, I might have had more finished comics pages if I had been drawing every day, but then I wouldn't have been able to do this work. Journalism takes time. You know this, dear readers. Some of this will look familiar, but here are those pages. Remember, the audience here is the thesis committee, so the tone may be a little ... loftier than I am usually.

By the way, I've changed the color again now that it's warming up, so come visit the site if you're using a reader.


A Little Explanation

Hi, I'm Josh Kramer, editor of this fine website and future editor of The Cartoon Picayune in zine form. I'm in my second year of the Masters program at the Center for Cartoon Studies. The poster in the last post kind of explains what I'm doing in my thesis here, but right now I'm working on the comics that will go into the first issue.

I'm in various stages on multiple stories, but the one that has most of my attention is called "Bittersweets and Bittersharps." Those are types of cider apples. It's a profile piece about 20-22 pages long, and I'll have more specifics later. For now, here's a breakdown of my progress. While I don't exactly spend one quarter of the time in each phase, it's approximately right.

So, as you can see, I just finished penciling! (Whew!) I had a tough time finishing these last couple of pages, but now I'm on to inking, which is just as demanding but oh so much more fun. Soon I'll have some pages to show, as well as pictures from the farm.