The Cartoon Picayune

Spring and Summertime Updates

Perhaps you've noticed that this blog tends to be sparsely populated by new entries in the slow season between issues. For more recent posts that might not be necessarily Cartoon Picayune information but are still written by me and skew to my interests, take a look at my tumblr. I like the faster pace and more whimsical style, but I think The CP still deserves longer, more thought out posts, even if it takes a month a more.

Anyways, there's plenty of spring and summertime news to report.

The fifth issue of The Cartoon Picayune is well underway. There's a theme of Hard Work and there is plenty of it happening in production of the issue. For 2013, I'm shifting the schedule a little so that Issue 5 will be the first Summer issue. You can look forward to at least two excellent, longer stories as the main focus:

Andy Warner, who brought us "The Man Who Built Beirut" in the third issue, is back with our first advertiser-supported feature, ever! His piece examines the political fight around the legal status of sex workers in the city of San Francisco. I've been working closely with Andy on this one, and I'm very excited about it.

Emi Gennis, Editor of a Hic & Hoc  anthology about unsolved mysteries and a tremendous cartoonist herself, brings us a tragic and richly rendered tale about the so-called "Radium Girls," female factory workers in the early twentieth century poisoned by unsafe working conditions. Emi's process on this is fascinating, and she has generously explained it on her blog, in addition to creating this GIF showing the evolution of a page:

I'm happy to report that I'll once again be tabling at TCAF in Toronto, May 11 and 12, with comics wunderkind Pat Barrett. Then, in June, I'll debut Issue 5, the Hard Work issue, at CAKE in Chicago on the 15 and 16. I'll be joined at that table with Chicago's finest in comics journalism: Erin Polgreen and Joyce Rice of Symbolia and Darryl Holliday and Erik Rodriguez of The Illustrated Press (and the last two issues of The CP).

I would be remiss to not mention that you can now buy Symbolia's first Issue, "We Don't Belong" on iPad or as a PDF. Also, if you are in Chicago, you must check out The Illustrated Press exhibit at the Harold Washington Library.(I can't wait to see it!) Here also is a great interview with CP contributor Jess Ruliffson about her ongoing projects.

Finally, since this is the first year with a Summer issue, it is only fitting to be the first year with a Winter issue also. Issue 6 will be out in November. The theme is Small Worlds, and the deadline is August 1st.

More soon. If you've been paying attention, you know that I owe you one more Q+A, which I hope to post shortly.


CAKE and new work

Hey, here's a little post to get us back on track. More soon.

First, hi Pittsburghers! You can now buy The Cartoon Picayune at the Copacetic Comics Company.

Also, CAKE was a blast. Chicago was beautiful, and the show was really well-run and fun. It was small, free to get in, and there were great views up on the 8th floor. I can't say enough about this show, I had a great time and it provided a great excuse for a mini-vacation to Chicago. I was even able to meet up with some other comics journos. Here's my table along with my gracious host/tablemate for life Beth Hetland:

And here are two things that are not exactly comics journalism as it is in the CP, but they are still non-fiction comics I've drawn recently. First, I did some freelance work with Culture magazine (yes, an artisan cheese magazine), and you can read that story here. Also, I've been working on something on the side called Sequential News. You'll see what it is when you get there.

Finally, I've been trying to use twitter a lot more, so follow The Cartoon Picayune if you wish, or "like" us on Facebook. The new issue is really shaping up, more on that soon.