The Cartoon Picayune


New comics journalism! This short piece by me will be included in the fourth issue of The Cartoon Picayune. Roll your mouse over the pages and find the blue dots, it's my first experiment with Thing Link, which allows you to annotate images with links to relevant sites. Thanks to Maureen for all her help and cooperation in creating this piece.

I hope you can join me for the debut of Fall 2012 issue at SPX in Bethesda next month. The contributors are truly impressive this time around, and I can't wait for you to see it. I'll be formally announcing it very soon with a post here.


Too Legit to Quit

Everything's new and exciting around here. My story on D.C.'s bag law is in today's Washington City Paper. The link isn't up yet, but I'll post it here when it is. Pull the paper out of any free box in the DMV to read it in print. Also, "The Cartoon Picayune" now has its own bank account that you can write checks to (and you better believe I have one of those really wide business checkbooks). Finally, two new professionally printed promotional tools arrived in the mail: vibrant new business cards and one-inch buttons. All the better to represent myself at the 2012 Toronto Comic Arts Festival, May 5th and 6th. I'll be debuting the third issue of The Cartoon Picayune, Spring 2012. Each story is set in a city and I think it's going to be a really good issue. More soon.


Where to buy The CP in D.C.

Since the District is my home again, I wanted to make sure that people here had opportunities to buy my comics. Here goes...

Politics & Prose
Politics & Prose is in fact NOT a comics store but a very good independent book store. The graphic novel section is actually great and they feature a small amount of well-made mini comics. They even do a graphic novel book club and their shelves feature Berlin, the books by my teacher Jason Lutes. I've seen Art Spiegelman and Scott McCloud both speak there and sign books. I'm so pleased to have The Cartoon Picayune there.

Fantom Comics
Fantom used to be in the Tenleytown neighborhood, which is where I went to college. It was great to have a comics shop close by, and I even wrote a bad article about the store for the college paper. It's now a store in our Amtrak station, Union Station, and it's mostly super hero oriented. It remains a store I'm loyal to, so you can ask for my comics there.

I'm not legit enough to tell you about the history of this store but actual sell zines here, and they have for a long time. They still have issues of zines like Cometbus from the Factsheet Five heyday. I also love how close this place is to where I live right now, so I can check in on my comics if I'm ever around once they open at noon. Kidding aside, it's a great store.

There are probably more to come. The hope is that smaller, handmade comics could belong in any number of different kinds of stores, and as long as they accept them, I'm willing to try. I want to consign with a bunch of stores, see where they actually sell, and then just stick with those. See the comics page for a full list of all the stores I consign with and remember you can always buy an issue right through this site.

thanks to flickr user shindoverse for the creative commons licensed picture