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Pigs Fly

Today marks a transformation in The Cartoon Picayune. We're just a little over one year in and over two hundred copies have been sold. The printed zine pays for itself, but slowly, and there's not much left over. The goal has always been to pay contributors, but how?

As of today, the printed Cartoon Picayune will feature advertising in its pages. This advertising will be used directly to sponsor the creation of original comics journalism. Yes, artists and writers will be compensated respectably by a digest-sized comics anthology zine. The new stories will be short at first, but there will probably be more pages to fit in advertising. I affirm now, that advertising will exert no influence over editorial content and that The Cartoon Picayune will only pursue advertisers that it can sincerely recommend to its readers.

I look forward to being able to bring you even better researched and reported non-fiction. If you think you might like to advertise with The Cartoon Picayune and get in on the ground floor, please email me. And if you think you might want to contribute, and work with me to make something really exciting, check out our submission page. The next deadline is fast approaching.

Here are some other quick things worth mentioning. The Cartoon Picayune can now be purchased at Big Planet comics in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. And we're now on Facebook, check it out. The contributors page has also been revised, and will continue to be updated.


-Josh Kramer
Editor, The Cartoon Picayune

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