The Cartoon Picayune

TCAF and Issue 3 Debut

Issue #3, the Spring 2012 Cartoon Picayune, has just arrived back from the printers and orders are now available for sale in the site shop. Isn't it a beaut?! Also Issue #1 has been reprinted locally and all three comics are looking real nice these days. Each issue is now available for $4, with shipping for only one dollar more.

Here's what Rob Walker, of The New York Times Magazine and Design Observer, had this to say for the back of this issue:

"A growing number of artists and writers are creating reported, researched, factual work these days, and a doing brilliant, memorable job of it. They're also finding an audience, and that audience wants more! So Josh Kramer has tapped into something significant by making The Cartoon Picayune a new home for this vibrant subgenre, and he keeps proving it with each issue."

Here are a few preview pages from Darryl and Erik's story, about marriage in a Chicago jail:

Here's a sample of Ethan's story about a fellow artist in the making:

And finally, two pages from Andy's 16-page comic featured in this issue:

The Spring issue officially goes on sale this weekend at the Toronto Comics Art Festival, and I'll start mailing out orders when I get home next week. Subscriber copies are already in the mail. Just a reminder, subscriptions are available for two or four issues, with extra goodies thrown in.

You can expect complete notes and bibliography from Andy's piece here soon, plus a Q+A interview with artist Ethan Leners soon as well.

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