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Announcing Issue 3

Back again, and with plenty of exciting news. I'm doing a spring cleaning of sorts here at the site. There's a new color on the background (no, this isn't for awareness of anything, we have this thing here about our cherry blossoms) as well as severe edits to the text on a few of the pages.

Most importantly, I've gotten most of my own busyness out of the way and I'm now putting together Issue 3 of The Cartoon Picayune: the Spring 2012 issue. Check out the cover, why don't you:

I know, right? This cover is by Andy Warner, who is also contributing the main story of this issue. It's an incredible insight into the part of the world that we tend to know the least about as Americans — the Middle East. His grasp of the issues at play are possibly only outdone by his skills as a cartoonist.

I'm also excited to have a piece from Chicago duo Darryl "Lee" Holliday and Erik "Kirby" Nelson Rodriguez. Their commitment to the journalism is impressive and inspiring, and they know how to tell a pretty good story. You can find more about them and their and forthcoming book here.

Finally, I have some work from a student also in Chicago named Ethan Leners. He eloquently presents an interesting angle on a familiar story, and the resulting comics look unlike anything else I've published so far.

I'm also in this issue, but only for two pages! I'm thrilled to mostly backseat drive on this one, and watch this thing actually turn into a vibrant anthology. I think this issue is a nice mix, and the next one is shaping up nicely as well.

Just to get it out there, I'll be selling The Cartoon Picayune, issues 1, 2, and 3 at three conventions so far:

-TCAF, Toronto, May 5th and 6th ISSUE 3 DEBUT
-CAKE, Chicago, June 16th and 17th
-SPX, Bethesda, September 15th and 16th

More info on each to come!

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  1. Awesome cover cartoon!

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