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Check out that beautiful cover by Jackie Roche. The new Unnoticed issue is now on sale! It features two stories by me, Josh Kramer, and two excellent cartoonists. First is Ellis Rosen's story about number stations:

And Laura Brooke Kovac has this great story about Fabergé eggs:

I'll keep it quick: the new issue is only $4, or $5.5 with shipping. A Subscription is cheap: only $20 for four issues. Support nonfiction comics! Also, as I mentioned recently, you should order in August if you want older issues because otherwise you may have to wait a while.



Summertime Update

Some housekeeping!

The new issue, Unnoticed, will be out soon! I'm getting ready to send it to the printers. Here's a sneak peak at Ellis Rosen's story about numbers stations, cold war spy stuff from the likes of "The Americans":

In September, I'll be heading to Ann Arbor, MI, for the Knight Wallace Fellowship at the University of Michigan. I'm really excited to go back to school and think about comics journalism for an extended period. I'll be packing light, so... I will not be bringing the Cartoon Picayune back catalog with me. Starting in September, I'll be temporarily removing the Paypal buttons until about May. You can always email me at cartoonpicayune[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll put together an order for you when I visit DC.

Speaking of that back catalog: with the new issue there will now be eight. They are all still in print, and I want to keep it that way as long as I can. But once the pre-sale for Unnoticed starts in a couple of weeks, I'll start pricing certain older issues higher based on availability. Subscriptions will stay the same price, you'll still have the "buy all the issues" deal, and every issue will still be $4 in person.

Finally, just a reminder that you can buy digital versions of the last three issues on Comixology for $2 each! They look GREAT on tablets, and have "guided view" for reading on phones. It's a great way to catch up on recent issues.

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